Making Discord Bot

Today I had to create Bot for my Discord server. His responsibility should be reminding every member of channel #general about meeting.

It supposed to be done on Wednesday and Saturday morning and one hour before meeting which is at 8pm.

At first I took word ,,create" too serious and I started to learn how to make your own Bot and how to program it in JavaScript or Python. Those languages are strange to me and I can’t build single command in those for now.

Here is a video, that helped me make it: How to create a Discord Bot?

In whole process I was struggling with many problems caused by not having enough programming knowledge and I spent a few hours searching through web, looking for solutions.

Here are errors which popped up in my CMD panel:

typeerror: cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘guilds’)

typeerror: cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘flags’)

typeerror [clientmissingintents]: valid intents must be provided for the client.

rangeerror [bitfieldinvalid]: invalid bitfield flag or number

valid intents must be provided for the client

Some of them were blind spots, because mistake was somwhere else and I didn’t know about that.

In the end this helped me log my Bot in: Solution

After that, my problem was still on board, because I even now didn’t know how to make a reminder.

I had to reconsider my way of making the task done and I thought about easier way.

So I was searching for ,,Ready to use" Bot. After some trash Bots I found the precious one named ,,Fibo".

All I had to do was to download this mf and give him a few commands.

Data base of his commands was pretty big and I started with /remind and /reminder but those had one little problem, because you couldn’t set actual day and couldn’t make it interval.

So I found command /interval create and I made four of them, 2 each Wednesday and Saturday. One for morning and second for an hour before meeting.

Job was done and I was proud and happy, despite the fact that I could make this task in 20 minutes, not 3 hours.