Web technologies:

HTML - here we encode content of a website. Text, images, buttons etc. (Content)

CSS - here we can stylish the content that we put earlier in HTML. (Appearance)

PHP - is responsible for mechanical operation of website.

JavaScript - with that you can add good-looking extensions.

SQL - cooperation with data base, making changes in it. SQL is uses inside PHP.

Frameworks - you can build advanced structure of your website. Helps with organisation.

CMS - WordPress alike sides, that let you create websites without writing a code.


CSS gives information about appearance and style for website. How we build CSS code? Example:

selector { property:value; property:value; property:value; }

selector - an element of our website, we want to stylish property - characteristic trait


H1 { color:yellow; font-size:36px; font-weight:bold; }

More notes in my folder, because I had to create a css file.

CSS - Cascading Style Sheets Cascading = Hierarchy

Inline > HTML head > CSS file

,,!important" - in CSS file goes through above hierarchy


What’s that for? What am I doing? Where I’m going? I resolve two first levels at LearnBranching, but I really don’t know how and why :D

I have learned:

git commit - adds another commit (?) git branch - creates new branch git checkout - changes position before next commands

Let’s see my css file