Summary of previous months and some conclusions

So I’ve noticed how big mistake I’ve done.

I didn’t make notes about anything I’ve done and learned during the last dozens of days.

I learned how to deploy a site (like this blog) using static site generator like Hugo. I’ve learned how it works and how can I menega this kind of sites.

I’ve done some exercises that kept me in ,,programming" form. I put ,,programming" in quotes, because I’ve also watched a lot of videos on YouTube about vast sea of programming and I know now, that I’ve learn merely nothing yet. That’s motivating.

The main conclusion I can grasp from those videos is that you can only learn by doing - not watching.

I’m moving forwards and that is good. I’m going to learn some real thing like programming in JS soon.

Today I’ve deployed all my old notes on this blog and for now my notes will be higher quality and intensity.

So I’m gonna write here down everything I’ll learn and do. That’s gonna be kind of programming journal.

It’s marathon, not a sprint, so I have to keep that in mind when I study, because I would like to have effects here and now. But it not works like that :D