Purchase of a domain

My blog is put up using Hugo’s static page generator and using Netlify, which hosts this site.

I had to buy a domain because the one from Netlify was a bunch of random words and numbers.

A mentor recommended porkbun.com to me and suggested .dev as a top-level domain. It would be suitable for me, as I want to become a web developer. However, it was a bit too expensive for me, since I live in Poland and dollars don’t convert with my currency very optimistically :D

So I found .win for less than $4 per year and purchased it. I highly recommend the above mentioned site. Everything went smoothly and without complications.

I came up with the name simondev.win I think it is appropriate and quite , “professional”.

DNS problems

“Simply put, Domain Name System (DNS) is the phone book of the internet. It’s the system that converts website domain names (hostnames) into numerical values (IP address) so they can be found and loaded into your web browser.” - source

So I understand it this way. Netlify as well as Porkbun wanted to set my DNS because they didn’t know I was cheating them both :D

I had to go to Netlify and make a deal with them. At first I only gave his DNS, but that didn’t solve the problem, which was the non-working domain I had purchased.

However, I found Netlify’s instructions on what to do in such a situation, and it turned out that on Porkbun I had to set ALIAS in DNS to ,,answer = (link they gave me)".

I later verified the DNS in the DNS management section on Netlify and everything worked. Well… almost everything :) I will describe it in the next day.

Unfortunate layouts :C

I am not yet at the stage where I fully understand the structure of my site’s files - what is responsible for what. But I understand more and more every day, and that’s what counts. Small but firm steps.

So, I wanted to change a few shortcomings of my blog, issues of post navigation.

I moved the files responsible for this upside down and from left to right, tried to change the code I didn’t understand and in the end I didn’t come up with anything, I ran out of time.

But if I understand correctly, this is what it looks like to learn programming and then work. On many hours of searching for solutions.