Looking for a solution to a problem with my Mentor

We connected through discord, the bot no longer reminds us of meetings because flexibility works better than top-down fixed days and times for meetings.

I introduced my mentor to my blog and told him how I created it. I also talked about the problems I encountered along the way and the ones I am currently facing.

Another domain problem needed to be fix

When you typed in the name of my new domain simondev.win it would redirect to my site, but then when you clicked on a post the address would return to the old version of the domain from Netlify.

I spent almost an hour looking for a solution that would prevent my site’s http address from changing when I clicked on anything on the site.

It turned out that I forgot to change the baseURL in the config.yaml file in my site’s files. A funny situation, because the answer lay right under my nose.

Posts navigation issue

My mentor Matthew also helped me solve the post navigation problem I was struggling with yesterday. The problem was the location of the partials folder. I had originally put it in _default and that was causing the error.

The programming coach set me further goals and gave me issues to learn, that is, to read, understand and note down.

Good advice for everyone!

It would have been much more difficult without the person who has already gone through the path I want to follow, and for that, God bless him

Always find a real mentor with whom you can have contact, no matter what you are pursuing.