GitHub Flow - The way of proper using GitHub and git

How it works?

The GitHub Flow is a workflow designed to work well with Git and GitHub. It focuses on branching and makes it possible for teams to experiment freely, and make deployments regularly.

The mechanism is simple:

  • Create a new Branch
  • Make changes and add Commits
  • Open a Pull Request
  • Review
  • Deploy
  • Merge

I learned it in the amazing article made by w3schools. They did excelent work. It’s really worth reading. ARTICLE


To follow GitHub flow, you will need a GitHub account and a repository. It’s simplier than GitFlow, but it is also used in different app-developing strategies.

What’s it for?

As we work within GitHub Flow we want to release updates to our app very often, almost constantly. I’ve heard that some companies realese new versions of their app even couple times a day!

This approach is completely distinct from working with GitFlow, where we want to realesa changes once per two weeks or so.