Shortcomings of knowledge


I’ve wanted to create a likes-dislikes posts system on my blog, but I found out you need some backend to do that. I could make something similiar, but it looses it’s point when one user can like and dislike as many times he wants.

To prevent that I would have to store some user data, for example his IP. Otherwise, I’d have to simultaneously make logging system.

That’s a bit above my competencies for now, but it motivates me hard to gain necessary knowledge.

Structural dates in HUGO

It occured that I can’t do that either. I mean - maybe I could, but I don’t even know how to articulate an issue properly, so I can’t find any informations. I’ve tried all variations with words:

  • general
  • structural
  • dates
  • google read
  • components

I’m not sure if it’s even possible in Hugo.

The Junior Tasks list

I have spent an hour searching for solutions and haven’t find anything. I guess I’ll just do another task from my Junior Tasks list, which is:

This list expands regularly, because those are tasks my Mentor gives me. I’m getting closer to actual learn coding in JS. I look forward to start doing it.

Git ignore for public directory

I don’t get the clue of this task, like, for what? I have all my posts in public directory, so I won’t be able to publish anymore when I’ll do ignore or what?

I’ll wait for my Mentor to answer me.

Blindly productive day

As you may see, I didn’t do anything secific today, but what stays in my head is mine. Some things became more clear. If you visit enough dead-ends, you gonna walk a proper road eventaully.

It’s reversed Murphy’s law - ,,If something can go well - it will"